10 Cool Chess Sets Inspired From Movies and Games

Most people instinctively know that learning the game of chess can increase creativity and imagination in all activities of life. Human imagination begins with a creative idea that could be developed into a great idea. Imagination grows when we are using it everyday in daily activities, or when we play on a cool chess set on a hot summer day, under a green tree.

Few people realize how creative they really are until they play a game of chess with their friends. This game increases self-confidence and the clarity of thought. A young chess player uses many ideas during a chess game and learns to see the creative ways and sequences of many possibilities that exist on the chess set in front of him. With every move made ​​on the chessboard, the player gets better at planning, making smart decisions and developing better strategies.

Here is a collection with 10 cool chess sets inspired from movies and games:

Alien Chess Set

Batman Chess Set

Egipt Chess Set

Egiptian Chess Set

Lego Lord Of The Rings Chess Set 4

Lord Of The Ring Chess Set

Rock Music Chess Set

Star Wars Chess Set 3

Star Wars Chess Set

Vertical Chess Set 2

images source: www.hammacher.com, www.toymania.com, thegamesupply.blogspot.com, imgur.com

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