10 Crazy Cool Gadgets for Girls

They say that “Happy girls are the prettiest”. I know that most folks will probably argue that girls and gadgets just don’t mix together and that gadgets are created mostly for men. Well, I have to disagree with that. Girls love gadgets as much as we do, but they love different kind of gadgets. Yes, I’m talking about every gadget that is related to fashion. For a lady, a smartphone with a stylish and unique case, a USB memory key incrusted with diamonds or a slim tablet is something to have around. Because girls better understand gadgets only in combination with fashion.

10 Crazy Cool Gadgets for Girls

Omate Lutetia Gold Edition. This Luxury smartwatch for women works great with any smartphone and it displays a message if you get a SMS or a call. Current price: $249 on omate.com

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Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera at $199. Polaroid was the leader of instant cameras. In the meantime they reinvented themselves, and now they produce the same type of gadgets, but with better features. The perfect camera for any party!

Crystal iPad Air

Girls love to be connected to Internet. There they shop, they talk to their Facebook friends, they follow the fashion trends. But having a common iPad will just not work for them. A Crystal iPad Air is more suited! via crystalrocked.com


Let’s face it! Girls use the mirror much more than we do. But what about a mirror that displays important information like weather, today news, Facebook feed? That’s something to have, right? It turns out that you can actually create a smart mirror with a Raspberry Pi.


CST-01: The world’s thinnest watch. Having a stylish watch is a must for every cool girl. But having a futurist watch that works with E-Ink technology is better than everything else. The technology is new and we will probably see more of it in the near future. Update: Too bad this project flopped some time ago.

Golden iPhone 5 was cool. iPhone 7 is even cooler. But having a golden iPhone 7 is the coolest thing a girl can carry in her purse.

Google Glasses

I wrote about Google Glasses in the past, it’s a shame that they didn’t actually got the chance to be released (yet). But, from a fashion perspective, I think girls embrace the idea of having a gadget that’s used by most fashion icons today.

Swarovski Heart Ware USB Memory Key

Swarovski Locker USB Memory Key

USB Keys incrusted with diamonds. Every girl’s dream!


Retro Phone Co®. This type of headset for iPhone was first introduced by Moshi a while back. Now, there is a more girlish version with diamonds incrusted all over the receiver.

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