10 Reasons to buy a Smart TV


Smart TVs brought one of the most important change in home entertainment technology. Yet there are still people who are not convinced by it, and they are still using old TVs. Statistics show that half of TV sets that will be sold in 2015 are intelligent, and in 2016, two thirds of the market will be awarded to them. Although in the urban area people tend to prefer these devices, there are still customers who can’t find enough reasons to buy a Smart TV. A Smart TV is much more than an ordinary television set that allows you to watch channels.

This gadget is rather an entertainment system that comes with almost unlimited possibilities (Internet, Music, Games) and it will transform your living room into a pleasant space. Basically, Smart TV’s are just like computers, allowing you to watch movies and concerts broadcast, to browse the Internet or to view photos. They have their own “app store” that allows you to download applications that will suit your needs.

10 Reasons to buy a Smart TV

  1. A smart TV allows you to browse the Internet, watch Youtube or check your Facebook
  2. Most Smart TVs offer the opportunity to have video-conference via Skype with long distance friends
  3. You can check your mail inbox directly from your couch
  4. You can watch your favorite movies or photos just by connecting an USB stick or an external HDD to the TV.
  5. You can stream movies or Youtube video directly from your smartphone, by pairing the two devices.
  6. You can customize your entertaining experience, because there are so many apps available for you to download (games, fitness, news, videos) , and the list is getting bigger every year.
  7. When you watch movies or TV Shows, you can access extra content about it.
  8. Most TVs have the ability to record your favorite TV Shows just by pressing a button on the remote control (you may need a high-speed USB Stick for this function).
  9. It can have an educational purpose, because you can download specific educational apps for your child.
  10. You can throw old devices (DVD Players, Music Players, Photo Viewers) because a smart TV has enough features include to replace them all. You will have more space for you.

The latest studies show that not so many people are using these devices at full potential. About 60% of Smart TV owners use them to view additional video content, but few people use them for Facebook or Twitter or to browse the Internet.

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