3 ways to send money to a friend in the age of Internet

I have a cousin that’s like a brother to me, and we shared everything ever since we were little children, playing at our grandma’s house. 10 years ago, he got a job at 2000 miles away and things got difficult for us. I mean, we still talk on Skype and WhatsApp everyday, but exchanging goods has been somehow limited by the distance. I can’t say the same thing about money though. We are very connected financially, and we usually lend small (or large) amounts of money to each other for various purposes and investments. Anyway, long story short, we had a chit-chat the other day about how easy is everything today compared to 10 years ago, when we used to chat through mIRC network and transferring money from one to another was a living hell. This sparkled the idea of this article: which are the best ways to send money to a friend in the age of technology using online banking services?


PayPal Send Payment
I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but the famous PayPal was actually founded by eBay as a mean to make shopping safer and faster for its users. In the meantime, the service flourished by itself becoming one of the most important services in this niche, and many users (like me) are using it for over 5 years without having any sort of problems. It is very reliable, easy-to-use and trustworthy. The only “problem” is that both friends involved in the transfer need to have a PayPal account. If your friend doesn’t have that account, you can still send the money using his/her mail in the transfer form, and he/she will receive a registration email. When the registration is completed, money will be send to the account. Seems complicated, but it’s not.

visa money transfer

Visa money transfer
This service is probably the most trusted amongst users, since VISA is notorious for taking care of our banking affairs for many years now. This service allows the user to send money from a digital bank account to a friend’s bank account through their Visa Debit Card, Visa Prepaid card or Visa Credit Card. For example, services like TD allows you to send money online to a friend’s Visa card directly from your dashboard. It’s quickly and conveniently. The transfer could take from 30 minutes up to 24 hours to complete, but the advantage lies somewhere else: your friend doesn’t even need to have a computer. Only a Visa card. Simple as that.

payoneer transfer money 1

Payoneer transfer funds
This payout platform was founded back in 2005, so we are talking about a service with 10 years of experience. Although I’ve placed it on the third place, I have to let you know that this service has some major advantages compared to the other two. First, it removes geographical boundaries, assuring a smooth and fast transaction. But that’s not all. When you open an account on the website, you get a free US bank account and a Prepaid Debit MasterCard┬« Card that allows you to withdraw money directly from your local ATM. Talking about the money transfer, it’s simple as 1-2-3. Just log in your account, go to “Withdrawal” and select “To another Payoneer account“. That’s all.

Back in the days, we had to go to the bank, to have both bank accounts written on paper, to wait for approval and perform complicated “rituals”. Now, we are able to send as much money we want (or as much money we have) directly from our smartphone, without too much trouble. There are many services like the one I’ve mentioned here, but these are the ones that I’ve used so far without experiencing any issues. Which one do you prefer?

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