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5 Cool Things to do with an old iPhone 3G

Posted In Apple - By John Script On Thursday, April 25th, 2013 With 0 Comments


I have an odd habit: when I upgrade to a new smartphone, I can’t let the old one go. Sometimes, I like to keep it in the family, just because I want to play with it from time to time and know it’s safe. Sometimes, I keep it to myself, and I find new uses for it. One of my old phones is an iPhone 3G that I bought years ago. Now, I’m the owner of an iPhone 4S, which is much faster than 3G. As you know, Apple likes phone upgrades, so they “force you” to upgrade your iPhone by making new apps incompatible with old iPhones. That’s the case with my old buddy, because the latest iOS that’s compatible with iPhone 3G is iOS 4.2.1, and installing new apps is almost impossible (because you need iOS 5 installed). So, what can you do with an old iPhone that has no software coverage and it’s damn slow? Here are 5 cool things to do with your old iPhone.


1. Use it as WiFi Router

I will start with this, because it is the main function for my old iPhone 3G: WiFi Router. Having a spare Internet Sim card around the house from my Internet provider, I thought it would be nice to put it to good use. The iPhone was already jailbroken, so I just bought the MyWi (an app that shares Internet connection via WiFi) from the Cydia store. If you’re using this setup, remember to add a WEP password to the connection.


2. Use it as Music Player

Why pay for a music player, when you can use the iPhone to stream songs via audio output. As you know, this smartphone has some of the best audio quality encountered in smartphones. An iPhone can very well be used as an iPod touch, and that’s pretty cool, right? In addition, you can buy a cool music dock and create a nice setup for your bedroom.


3. Use it as Skype phone

This one is tricky, because if you don’t have Skype already installed, you need to find an older version in order to work on iOS 4.2.1. If you’re lucky, maybe you can find an old Skype with Cydia. When you have the Skype installed, just connect the phone to your home wireless network, and use it as a Skype phone. Now you are always online on Skype and your friends and relatives can call you for free.


4. Give it to your kids

These days, many parents buy learning tablets that allow the young ones to learn faster and better. Why spend big bucks on a tablet when you already have a small tablet that you don’t use (the iPhone 3G). I’m sure you will find some old learning apps and games for kids that are perfect for the situation. Why not use this forgotten and obsolete phone in your child’s education? With the suited app, the old iPhone can be used as an eBook reader, so you can give your kid a nice reading program.


5. Use it as GPS

If you pop an Internet sim card in it, your old iPhone can be used as a stand alone GPS for your car. If you’re lucky, you already have an old TomTom app installed on it from the time it was downloadable for iOS 4.2.1, so you can use it as GPS without the sim card. Remember that old GPS apps come with old maps, so be sure to install new maps before using it.

Bonus. Install Android on it

Some people like to experiment with their old smartphone. I admit, I’m amongst them, and I always tweaked my smartphones to the maximum. If you plan to do something special with your old iPhone, you can attempt to install Android on it. Yes, this is possible. Commit the biggest Apple blasphemy: an iPhone that runs on Android. More details here.


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