A man built his own iPhone from zero

Scotty Allen quit his job as an engineer in Silicon Valley to go around the world and build things. While he was in Shenzhen, China, he managed to build an iPhone 6s by itself, buying all the pieces in the markets of Huaqiangbei. In that market, he was able to find everything you can think of, including different pieces of the smartphone.

Allen managed to capture the entire process and posted the video on YouTube. The entire journey started from a common discussion: “I wonder if you can build your own phone…” So he started looking for all the necessary parts on the market, he took his time and he managed to put everything together (towards the end of the following video).

Allen chose the iPhone 6s for two reasons – it already had one so it was easier to make a comparison and, more importantly, the components required for iPhone 7 are harder to find and to buy. Allen says he spent about $1000 in order to build this phone, but many of the pieces he bought were unnecessary. In the end, he revealed that the price of the used pieces is about $300. So yeah, we can conclude that if you live in China and you have enough spare time on your hands, you can build an iPhone 6S from scratch with just $300. Good luck with that!

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