Adobe elevates digital drawing to a new level with Mighty Pen and Napoleon Ruler

digital pen and ruler

Ever since the early 90’s, Adobe has focused all their attention on creating apps for the visual component of digital world. Now, they are offering outstanding products that are definitely paving the way towards future digital photography, image manipulation, web design, digital arts and video editing. I’m talking about software products like Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Lightroom®, Dreamweaver®, Illustrator®, Creative Cloud™ , Acrobat®, Photoshop®, Creative Cloud™ for teams. But, just like every major innovator before them, Adobe learned from traditional ways of doing things. Regarding one of their strong assets, the digital manipulation software, they have acknowledged that people need a better way to connect to their digital drawings. Using common digital pens or the obsolete mouse is too artificial and holds back the process of creation. This is why Adobe decided to “reinvent the wheel”, and they have just introduced two new products, marking their debut into the hardware market, with the Mighty Smart Stylus and the Napoleon Ruler.

The design started from the concept of creativity. Adobe learned that although people use computer for everything, when they really want to get creative, they use a pen and paper for drawing sparking ideas. Maybe is in our genes, but it works better this way. Now, Adobe is introducing a new and special pen called Mighty Smart. It has a great design, it works with iPad and iPhone, it uses pressure sensitivity and various drawing styles. It works with Creative Cloud, so you can move share your drawing from one app to another. With the “Cloud Draw Clipboard”, you can use browse past drawings and use any of it in your current drawing. More than that, you can move one draw from one device (iPad) to another (iPhone) really fast. The pen is storing the user’s identity, connecting every device used by the user. For geometrical drawings, Adobe has created a new device called the Napoleon Ruler. It helps the user draw triangles, square forms, lines, arcs.

According to Adobe, these two projects are just the start, the first two pieces of a bigger picture. I loved the presentation, and I’m waiting for a follow up on this. What are your thoughts on Mighty & Napoleon?

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