Amazon could release a 3D smartphone in just a few months

Amazon is a large company that’s famous for allowing gadget-fans all over the world to buy their favorite devices at exclusive prices. The rumor about the Amazon smartphone has been circulating on the Internet for a while, but now a new feature of this smartphone was teased: it could be a 3D smartphone. The Wall Street Journal writes that we’ll know for sure later this year, in June.

Until I see this product, it would be difficult to say if other competitors in the market should tremble or laugh at Amazon’s new endeavor. Even so, I am expecting a reasonable price for this smartphone, considering the fact that Amazon is known for providing cheap products (sometimes at prices that are under the production cost).

Getting back to the device, the rumors state that we should see a smartphone with 3D capabilities, and we should enjoy these 3D effects without the need of special glasses. According to, the display could have multi-transparent-layers for various 3D effects or the smartphone could feature an advanced eye tracking system.

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