Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet was unveiled! [video]

After much anticipation, the largest online retailer finally released Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, a 7-inch tablet with Android operating system and top specifications.

The new Kindle will have a 7-inch screen wired with IPS LCD technology (plus a layer of Gorilla Glass), dual-core processor and only 414 grams! The price is also very competitive: $199. Let’s not forget that the main competitor, iPad 2 have a price around $ 499. Unfortunately this model will not feature 3G (WiFi only).

Amazon’ Kindle Fire will have no microphone and no camera (which explains lack of 3G). It seems that Amazon wants to provide a tablet at the lowest price possible. If you buy the Amazon Kindle Fire you’ll get a trial subscription for a period of 30 days to Amazon Prime.

Regarding OS, as we expect, we have Android Market, Kindle books, magazines. All these can be stored online for free through Amazon Cloud Storage. The producers say that Kindle Fire is able to store even movies. When you get home, you can continue to watch the rest of the movie on your TV set. How cool is that..!?

Even if we were told that Android operating system is present, the interface looks like nothing we have seen before. In my opinion it resembles iOS but we need to expect a review before we can decide. The preorders started today, so hurry up!

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