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Android History in Images

Posted In Smartphones - By John Script On Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 With 0 Comments

history of android

Everything started back in 2003, when Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White founded Android Inc. company. Two years later, the company was bought by Google.

history of android 1

2009 was an important year for Android and every version was named alphabetically after sweets. We are now at version 5.0 – Lollipop.

history of android 2

2013 was the year of Android, and it also marked the year when Android smart-watches entered the market. In the same year, Android had 78.6% smartphone market share.

history of android 3

Here’s a list with the most important android devices of the last 4 years. Which one do you own?

history of android 4



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