Anki’s Cozmo – a cute robot that wants to be your friend


Reading about all these predictions about Artificial Intelligence and how it is going to rule the world and enslave humans in the future creates a lot of fuzzy thoughts in my mind and makes me not wanting to be a supporter of technological advancement anymore. Anki is trying to show me (and others like me) the exact opposite: robots can be real cute and they can turn a bad day into a good one. This is Cozmo!

Cozmo looks a lot like Pixar’s WALL-E but he definitely has a different temperament: he is a bit curious, eager to learn about the surrounding world, he loves to play with everything around it. It is the perfect toy for children but also for adults and it comes packed with all types of games that will keep you or your kid occupied for hours.

Anki’s Cozmo is charging with its included charging dock and it can be controlled by an iOS or Android device. Price $179

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