Apple iPad Pro 10.5” teardown confirms 4GB RAM and 8.134 mAh battery

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Apple iPad Pro 10.5” is on sale for a few hours in stores all over the world and folks at iFixit have already been able to open it and disassemble it to the last chip. No wonder nobody knows the repair index is extremely low – as usual – two in ten. Among the major issues that were found in the teardown we can count:

  • High amount of stickers that blocks the battery, and no tab to extract it as it did in iPad Pro last year.
  • The Smart Connector port is virtually impossible to replace, but it does not have any moving parts so it is a small chance to break down.
  • The LCD display and front panel glass are fused together; The opening of the device is, consequently, a bit simpler but increases the risk of breakage something during the process, so there is a risk of paying the cost of the spare parts.
  • Massive use of adhesive.

Fortunately, there are also some positive aspects about Apple iPad Pro 10.5”, namely the confirmation of two technical details: the RAM and the battery capacity. The latter is a 8.134 mAh, 3.77 V and 30.8 Wh unit.

As far as RAM is concerned, there are two 2GB 1.6MHz LPDDR4 chips; Totally, the Apple iPad Pro 10.5” has 4 GB of RAM. The manufacturer is Micron and the chip-specific model code is MT53B256M64D2PX-062.

  • Red: Apple A10X Fusion (APL1071)
  • Yellow: 64GB NAND Toshiba Flash Storage
  • Green: NFC Controller Produced by NXP
  • Blue: Murata / Apple Wireless Module
  • Blue: Two Broadcom touch screen controllers
  • Rose: Chip Apple 343S00118-A0, 343S00120-A0 and 343S00121-A1

For more details on the teardown (and many more impressive images) just keep in touch with the full article on the iFixit site.

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