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Ara Project: a modular smartphone by Google, price and a release date

Posted In Smartphones - By John Script On Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 With 0 Comments

Google is not playing when it comes to big projects. They’ve just jumped on board of the Ara project developed within the Advanced Technology Group and Projects (ATAP) belonging to Motorola. Whit this new device, the search engine has the intention of revolutionizing the world of smartphones.

Ara Project

We’ll probably see a conference in mid-April where developers can learn more about Ara and the way this revolutionary smartphone works. There are not many official information released, but according to the rumors, Ara is a smartphone that will be assembled from modules according to the user’s budget and needs.

ara project 2

The standard device will not be capable of too many things, and the user will need to get his own modules for camera, display, cellular network, GPS, WiFI, etc…

ara hands on project

As expected, the device with all the top-notch modules will cost a lot more than the same device with standard modules. Ara will be available in three sizes: mini, medium and jumbo, which corresponds to a phablette format. As I said, every user builds its own version of Ara. The starting price for the base model is rumored to be around $50. Pretty cool and affordable, right?


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