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The Best Audio Interface under $200

Posted In Audio Devices - By JohnScript On Thursday, December 30th, 2010 With 0 Comments

Couple of months ago I wrote a post about How To Build a Cheap Recording Studio. I received few mails from my readers asking me which is the best Audio Interface under $200. So, I searched and studied the reviews on many websites. Here are the best audio interfaces under $200 worth mentioning:

PreSonus AudioBox USB, TASCAM US-122L, EMU 0404, M-Audio Fast Track Pro, Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 Interface.

You’ll find that there are plenty audio interfaces you can buy on Amazon but if you really want quality, these are the best.

In my humble opinion, Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 got the most votes from users. Really good driver support, great quality, amazing design and durability. On 42 people rated this Audio Interface 9/10. It’s really impressive. All outputs sound very clean. When recording, nothing is lost. Compared to Emu 0404 recordings I really think Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 sounds better. You must respect the 24-bit/192kHz recording capability. Award winning high-end Cirrus Logic A/D/A converters are also included.

Amazing dynamics, amazing recording, amazing product!

Manufacturer’s description on Amazon Shop:

High-quality, portable audio interface with sturdy brushed-aluminium casing24-bit/192kHz conversion qualityHigh-end Cirrus Logic A/D/A converters103dB-A SNRXLR/1/4″ TRS Neutrik jack with phantom power supplied)Line/Hi-Z TRS jackIndividual gain controls with acitvity and clip LEDs4 – 1/4″ TRS outputs with 2 stereo level controlsHeadphone output with A/B source switching and level control3 freely-assignable buttons and 1 controller knobMIDI and key commands support for audio software control.

If you have not found anything interesting yet, you should check Which Audio Interface blog


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