Best cool gadgets under $25

Best cool gadgets? Sure, we got that! In case you are not feeling prepared for this year’s Christmas, I decided to ease your pain by sharing some of the best gadgets that you can buy for $25 or less. In this price range, you will find mostly accessories and small gadgets. Don’t expect a high-end smartphone or a new tablet because you will get disappointed. Let’s begin!

Best cool gadgets under $25
Rhinoshield Bumper for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus
If you are looking for a low profile bumper that allows you to feel the premium back of your iPhone, this is a solid choice. This bumper is designed to protect your phone from a drop of up to 11 feet. That’s really cheap considering that it could save a $700 iPhone from a fatal drop on the concrete.

Coolest gadgets under $25
Fone Salesman Wood Puck Charger – Bamboo edition
This is a wireless puck that can be placed anywhere on your setup and it will juice your smartphone. It is made from bamboo, it looks great, it is very useful and, most importantly, it is priced under 25. What more can you ask?

Best cool gadgets under $25
GOgroove GS3 USB Speakers
For under $25, you will discover a pair of speakers that sounds better than most computers and they have a cool feature where you can actually swap the front places and replace them with colorful ones. The USB speakers will plugin to your computer via USB port.

Best cool gadgets under $25
Aukey 4 USB Power Strip
This is the power strip that also features USB outlets. It comes really handy with most mobile devices and it is priced just under $25.

Best cool gadgets under $25
Easy ACC Quick Charge 3.0
We continue our list with the best cool gadgets under $25 with a device that could save you a lot of time on the long run. If you own multiple devices that can charge via a quick charger 3.0 but you don’t actually own the charger, you can opt for Easy ACC. It allows you to quick charge two gadgets at the same time. Pretty neat, right?

Best cool gadgets under $25
HJIAN Night Light Pet Animal Thing
This portable Night Light LED is a fun night lamp for your kid and it deserves to be included in the list containing the best cool gadgets under $25. It has multiple color modes that can be activated if you tap it. It is suitable as a gift for a young child but also for grown ups.

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