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A list with some of the best Split-Screen Games for XBOX 360 and PS3

Posted In Video Games - By JohnScript On Monday, April 30th, 2012 With 0 Comments

Cool Split Screen XBOX Games

I’m not a fan of single-player games. For some unknown reason, I get bored after playing 2-3 levels. The few games I’ve ever finished in my life where co-op games. That’s why I even bother to gather this list for you guys.

You will find many cool games that you can play on your old XBOX 360 and PS3, but when it comes to split-screen co-op games, the list is not so crowded. The following Youtube videos gathers the most important split-screen games for XBOX 360 and PS3, with a short review for each game: (Campaign, Graphics, Story, Difficulty, Time to complete, Screen, Controls, Offline MultiPlayer, Online MultiPlayer, Gameplay overal)

Best Split-Screen Co Op Games on PS3:

Best Split-Screen Co Op Games on XBOX:

And here is a list with some of the cool split-screen games I’ve ever played on PS3 or XBox 360 along with buying link.

10:Warhawk PS3 – 6,7
9:Call of duty:world at war XBOX 360 – 7,0
8:Haze PS3 – 7,1
7:Halo3 XBOX 360 – 7,2
6:Resistance:fall of man PS3 – 7,6
5:Gears of war XBOX 360 – 7,8
4:Army of two XBOX 360, PS3 – 7,9
3:Left 4 dead XBOX 360 Notes:8,2
2:Gears of war2 XBOX 360 – 8,8
1:Resistance2 PS3 – 9,2



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