Bingo makes a comeback: Top Bingo Game Sets

Looking for some good old fashioned fun? Perhaps you’ve become tired of board games and would like a new form of entertainment; something for the whole family to enjoy. Something like a bingo game set!

Deluxe Wire Cage Bingo Set

Amazon has a wide range of bingo game sets – all of which are suitable for ages 6 to 106. The best seller is the Deluxe Wire Cage Bingo Set at $13.99.  This beauty features a random ball selector that works automatically as well as a 70 bingo card combinations to keep you entertained for hours.

This makes for a fantastic gift and it’s at a price you can’t beat. Just click the image above for additional details and offers.

Da Vinci Deluxe Bingo Set

If you’re looking for something more retro, check out the Da Vinci Deluxe bingo game set. At $39.95, you’re paying for a quality 7 inch diameter metal frame cage with wooden balls, wooden checkers and a wooden board. 24 bingo cards make for a fun night in with friends and family with a degree of classic gambling class.

If you’re on your own but still want a game, get to your computer and hit the Bingo Balls, which is played with 75 balls rather than the traditional 90 and is presented in an entertaining and colourful way. Players will find exciting game chats and a fun crowd to interact with online. There’s also a progressively growing jackpot to keep you interested.

American Educational Bingo Bus Calculus Bingo

Bringing gaming and education together is American Educational Bingo Bus Calculus Bingo game, available for less than $17. The game, which teaches calculus, is aimed at grades 9 through 12 and children aged 14-18. The simple fun of bingo mixed makes this the ideal gift for the student that needs a bit more coercion when studying. A pre-calculus game is also available.

Bridal Shower Bingo

Showing how diverse the game can be are the novelty games of bingo. From Christmas bingo to sports team bingo, this really is one of the most flexible games. If you’re arranging a bridal shower, check out Bridal Shower Bingo – something everyone can play while spoiling the bride to be. The cards are cute and the game can act as a wonderful icebreaker. Who doesn’t love bingo? Baby shower bingo is also available. Both of these make sure that all in attendance can have a good time.

If you’re a rookie at this game, you should watch the following video to get in touch with the Bingo rules and to learn how you can play this game the easy way:

If you’re interested into additional details on this fantastic game, check Bingo on Wikipedia.

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