BMW i8 Key is a game changer

BMW i8 Key

When they’ve designed the BMW i8, the company has definitely taken one step into the future, combining everything that worked for the BMW cars in the past with the most advanced technology available today. In this article I am not going to talk about the actual car, but about its key.

BMW i8 Key 2

Just by taking a look at the images above you will instantly notice that the BMW i8 key is like nothing you have seen before. LCDs are practically everywhere these days, and BMW has decided to add them to the key’s design. The BMW’s smart key looks like a smartphone and it performs multiple functions: it allows you to see just how much charge is left in the car, the available range (distance), if the car is locked or if it is fully charged. In the following review video you can see how the key actually works. Please ignore the Vietnamese background voice.

BONUS: a detailed review of BMW i8 on Youtube:

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