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Capturing 3D images with your iPhone

Posted In Apple - By John Script On Monday, October 28th, 2013 With 0 Comments

Ever since iPhone was launched, we all understood that the apps are a big part of it, and they can elevate the overall experience to a whole new level. If you think your iPhone camera is limited, you should try Seene, an application that allows your iPhone to capture 3D photos in real time.

Seene App

The iPhone app that will “upgrade” your smartphone’s camera to a 3D camera was developed by Obvious Engineering in London. All you have to do in order to capture these 3D images is install the app, start it and move your phone up and down, from left to right.

The principle of the application is really simple: Seene adds dots on the images captured by the camera, using those points to create an actually 3D image. Seene application is available also for computers, allowing the user to create three-dimensional images by moving the mouse on the 4-axis. Seene is available for free on iTunes and it requires 7.6 MB of space.


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