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Cool iPhone 4/4S Metal Case

Posted In Apple - By John Script On Monday, March 4th, 2013 With 0 Comments


I was looking for a cool iPhone 4S case for a while, and I was able to find this Chrome Aluminum case on Amazon. Although it is advertised as Aluminum case, it’s not made entirely of Aluminum, because it has plastic on the sides. But even so, it will definitely give your iPhone a new metal look. As you can see, I mange to crack mine in the volume buttons area, after my iPhone got dropped on the floor. The phone was ok, not even a scratch on it, but the case cracked (a small crack!).


Bottom line:
This is the best case I’ve ever had and some friends say that it looks even better than iPhone 5’s case. It’s around $3 on Amazon, so hurry and get one yourself.


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