Cool iPhone 5 Gold Edition


There are so many rich folks in the world, that’s almost natural to see a more expensive version of iPhone 5 just for them. After we have presented iPhone 4 Gold Edition and Apple MacBook Pro Gold Edition it’s time to see the most expensive iPhone 5 in the world: the iPhone 5 Gold Edition.
The Golden iPhone 5 is available in two colors: rose gold and gold, and they come with style in a wooden box.



If you plan to buy this cool gadget, you should know that both phones will be available shortly in UK and Dubai (obvious!) by Gold & Co. retailer. I was not able to find any pricing yet, but I’m sure it will cost a lot more than the actual price of the iPhone 5.



If you plan to buy this gadget you should also get a new bodyguard, becauseĀ the possibility of a robberywill triple over night!



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