Cool KickStarter iPhone case

I know that I have a lot of Apple fans amongst my readers, so they will be really happy to hear about this KickStarter project, called ZOpro. I was watching their video presentation, and all I can say is that ZOpro is really amazing. You can charge your iPhone 5 with it by just removing the bottom of the case and connecting it to the iPhone 4s/5 and to your USB port.

Even more, ZOpro turns your iPhone into a video recorder system, bringing more quality to the camera. It’s compatible with every car mount and camera Tri-Pod out there, and most important, it’s compatible with iPhone magnetic lens. This will give more power to your iPhone camera.

Top features:
On charge-n-Sync, magnetic lens compatibility, pro tripod mount, adjustable soft grip handle, complete lens set

Visit the project on KickStarter

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