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Creepy robot that walks like a human

Posted In Cool Gadgets - By John Script On Sunday, April 7th, 2013 With 0 Comments

If you’re not paying too much attention, you would believe that under this suit is a real human being. When you look closely, you will understand that movements are not that natural, they have the same periodicity and are rather rugged, but in the same time they are pretty close to the real deal. Meet Petman.

This video was posted on Youtube by Boston Dynamics, the creator of Petman, with funding from DOB CBD program. They are depicting a human-like robot that is walking and is performing various body movements, just like a normal human. The moves are pretty realistic, and from specific angles, we can be easily fooled by it. More than that, Petman has an artificial skin that can discover chemical leaks on the suit, and can artificially reproduce sweat.


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