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Earning some cash while I’m cleaning my digital library

Posted In Video Games - By John Script On Friday, September 13th, 2013 With 0 Comments

I’m not a person who loves to throw personal things away. I still have some of the toys I grew up with, I have some of my old phones and I have a lot of CDs and DVDs from back in the days I was a complete nerd. This month I needed to make some space in my house and I threw and gave away as much as I could without interfering with my personal stuff. But it’s still not enough, and I need to make a definitive “cut” in the old chest with memories. I’m talking about a large collection of Games, CDs and DVDs that I’ve gathered since 1996. So, the geek in me said that maybe I can find a better use for them like… selling them for money.


I want to give you some reasons why you should be getting cash for old Games, CDs and DVDs is not necessarily a bad thing. First of all, I was not using any of those games. Of course, they remind me of the golden days of gaming when I used to play Starcraft for weeks, but I can make digital images of all my 150 video games and store them on my external drive, so I’m not really losing them. The second reason is that these video games are obsolete, I’m not playing them on a daily basis and they will deteriorate over time. Some of them are not even working on Windows 7. So I’m not using them right now and I will not be able to use the in the near future. Unless I put them to good use, they are a lost cause.

Now, talking about some of the music CDs I have. There is the same process here, I can (and I will) convert all the music from audio CD to a digital format. I know, you will say the audio experience is not the same, but in the past years I had no experience with the music that’s on those CDs, since they were locked in a chest. This way, I will be able to listen to my good old favorite songs for a change. And regarding the digital quality of the music, I am planning to convert the CDs to mp3 @ 320 Kbps or FLAC. It’s a perfect clone of the original with the exact same quality.

Since I am a movie fan and I like to re-watch my favorite movies every few years, I will not sell everything that’s on digital support. I thought a lot about this and I want to keep classic movies like The Godfather or Robocop around the house. That’s pure art and you can’t put a price on art. These being said, I’m not planning to buy new movies on DVD or Blu-Ray since I have my Netflix account and I’m pretty happy with it. I can download and watch new movies in the best possible resolution right here, in my living room.

So, what do you think of my idea of cleaning my digital library? I know, there are some drawbacks to it. In the process, I will probably lose the covers and a part of me with them, but hey… life goes on and I need to readjust to the realities of today: I need more space!


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