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Facebook buys Opera and launches its own Web browser

Posted In Reviews - By JohnScript On Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 With 1 Comment
If recent rumors are true, Facebook is about to acquire Opera Software, while the desktop and mobile versions of Opera Web Browser are becoming the foundation for the first Facebook web browser designed specifically for social networking followers.
The Facebook Browser would include components, plugins and Facebook menus that enrich web browsing sessions with specific elements of Facebook social network, such as recommendation of interesting pages, posting pictures and comments.
Given the popularity of Opera Mobile browser, this new venture could lead for a new Facebook success, resulting in a web browser even more attractive for those 900 million followers of the social network.
With the launch of its own web browser, Facebook will enter a competition on two fronts with Google, the owner of Google+ social network and Google Chrome web browser – recently advanced to the status of the most widely used web browser in the world.

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