Facebook will be revolutionized: We’ll get two new buttons

The social network led by Mark Zuckerberg has already started to do tests with the new button in USA. The “Like” will lose a bit of popularity, as Facebook prepares two brothers for it. “Want” is the name of the most important new button that we could press when using this social networking.
The change comes in order to encourage trade and to revive the financial side of the company led by Mark Zuckerberg. At this time, 7 retailers can present their products to Americans because this system is available only for U.S. users. One of the 7 most popular brand is Victoria’s Secret.
Those who will have this button active, can create their so-called “Wish List”, containing the items they want. The users can choose from various types of items, from clothing to furniture. These preferences will appear in Timeline and can be seen by friends of friends of the user.
Besides the “Want” button, a new button will be introduced: “Collect”. It allows Facebook users to create their virtual collections of products that can be seen only by their friends. It’s hard to tell right now if these changes will help Facebook grow or it’s the beginning of their downfall. I’m sure they got the idea from Piterest, which is really popular right now. However, rumor is that FB will not receive commission from these operations.

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