Google could develop real Androids

Folks at Google have great goals for the future. They plan to revolutionize the world of technology in every single possible way. Their work in the software and smartphone area is already embraced by a large number of people, but this should not stop here (and it won’t!). Google wants to go the extra mile by trying to solve the serious problems of mankind. One of the biggest challenges of the near future is creating artificial intelligent robots that can mimic the human functions. So far, the humanoid robots that deserves to be taken into consideration are ASIMO and AIBO, but they can barely move.


Andrew E. Rubin is one of the founders of Android OS, and he seems like the right person for the job. There is no official statement on the matter, but I can speculate that in the next 20 years men and robots will share the same working area as colleagues. I guess that the company believes that it can make money by investing in this area.

robot android

Although Google did not disclosed much about this plan, TheVerge tech blog has some insights about the subject. It seems that a division of Google has worked in secret for months and bought several companies specializing in technologies that enable robots to detect objects around the and to find a way to travel on long distances.

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