Google Drive – cloud storage service with 5GB free space

Google is preparing the launch of its own storage cloud service, presented as an alternative to Microsoft SkyDrive service, Dropbox and

Google Drive will give every user a 5 GB free storage space and advanced features for editing documents stored online, provided through integration with Google Docs.

The app is available in various versions for Windows PC and Android devices and provides a set of similar facilities like Dropbox service, allowing access to files on any device attached to your account. Modified files are then automatically synchronized to all devices connected.

Because of the large capacity, which involves a considerable volume of traffic carried by Internet connection, Google recommends limiting the use of Google Drive with unlimited traffic connections, such as those provided by Wi-Fi networks. This could be the first step into a new technology: Cloud Computing. I’m waiting for that day when the first catchy Cloud OS will be available. Of course, the technology already exist,and you can take a look into Cloud Computing White Paper. There are various platforms, public and private clouds.

Getting back to the subject, according to available rumors, Google Drive will be made ​​public in early April, so we should see more details soon.

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