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Google’s Chromebook Pixel Review

Posted In Reviews - By John Script On Friday, February 22nd, 2013 With 0 Comments

Chromebook Pixel

Last year, Google teamed up with Samsung and released the Samsung Chromebook, a netbook with tablet features.   Everyone talked about this ambitious project that was priced around $250, leaving us wondering if the Chromebook will be embraced by the market.

Now it’s 2013, and Google is pushing their projects one step further into the future. Google Glasses will probably be released this year, after a  hardcore one year campaign that built up a lot of anticipation.  But until then, we have a new kid in town: the Chromebook Pixel, a 13-inch netbook that could make Apple’s MacBook Pro crumble.

The Screen

Chromebook Pixel  is all about cloud technology and pixel density. But before getting into that, there is another interesting feature that should be mentioned: the aspect ratio of the screen. If we look back in the computer display history, first there was the 4:3 format, then there was the 16:9 format (the current format that we use). Chromebook Pixel is trying something special, a 3:2 format that is optimized for Internet content. This means you can see more things when you browse the Internet.  The display has a resolution of 2560×1700 with a 239 pixels per inch density. Its main competitor, the MacBook Pro, features 227 ppi density. If this is not enough reason to consider Pixel when buying a top-notch netbook, you should know that it also features Gorilla Glass and touch screen technology.

Hardware Specs

Pixel features an i5 cpu, Wifi receiver with optional LTE connection, SD slot, USB ports and 720p webcam. As I said, Chromebook Pixels is all about pixel density and cloud technology. Now you will understand why it has only 32/64 GB internal SSD. For every Pixel you buy, Google is offering a gift: 1 Terabyte of Google Drive storage available for 3 years. My assumption is that they are going for a win-win situation with this strategy: they will sell more netbooks with this offer, and after 3 years, many of the Pixel buyers will probably convert into paying customers on Google Drive.

The price

You can’t have all this technology without a suited price. The cheapest version is the 32Gb, WiFi only edition that will cost arund $1,300. If you want the 64GB with LTE enabled edition, you have to pay $1,450.

It will probably hit stores in April, 2013.


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