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What power, functions, filters, energy and noise level class we need too look for when we buy an Air Conditioner.

For most folks, the air conditioner has become a necessity, its price is comparable to that of a refrigerator, television or computer. Air-conditioning technology evolved, new models emerged with a high energy class, with lower consumption.

But how to choose an air conditioner? In order to make the right choice you should take into account several factors:


The main feature of an air conditioner is the number of BTUs (British Thermal Units). BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a pound (0.45 kg) of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

BTU number depends mainly on the surface and room destination. The table below provides average values ​​of surface depending on the BTU.

There is another factor, according to which we choose the number of BTU. I’m talking about the positioning of the outdoor unit. If the wall is located in full sun (south), or the camera is on the top floor, this will increase the number of BTU by 10%. For outdoor units mounted in shadow areas, dark, generally north BTU value will be reduced by 10%.

If in the room are usually more than two people, you need to add 600 BTU per person, and in order to cool the kitchen you need to add 4,000 BTUs. Other factors in determining the necessary number of BTU are other sources of heat in the room (TV, computers, etc..), Etc. Wall.

2. Functions

Another factor in choosing your air conditioner are these functions:

  • Cooling – removing heat from the room outside
  • Heating – extracting energy from outside air and bring it inside after the heat pump principle
  • Ventilation – uniform temperature by using a low energy
  • Dehumidification – increased feeling of comfort by providing an optimal level of 40% and 60%, limiting the growth of microorganisms and mold
  • Jet – rapid cooling to room
  • Programming – turn the AC on and off at a certain time
  • Self-cleaning
  • Inverter – allows control of timing and control energy consumption by operating the compressor. Thus, temperatures are reached faster, startup time is reduced by one third, consumption is lower by 30% and temperature fluctuations are eliminated
  • Split double – unit consists of two internal and one external units

3. Filters

Air conditioners are equipped with multiple filters. They are:

  • Dust Filter – captures very small particles of dust in the air. Current maintenance filter by washing with cold water and drying in places sheltered from the sun
  • Antibacterial ESP – absorbs the static electricity effect: fine, invisible mold spores and harmful microorganisms. Their development is hindered by volatile isothiocyanate extract, made ​​from wasabi.
  • Deodorant filter – activated charcoal filter which filters out small particles (bacteria, microorganisms), cigarette smoke and odor
  • Catechin filter – remove bacteria and deodorizes the air

4. Energy class

Depending on efficiency, air conditioners are classified A, those with the lowest consumption, through G, those with the highest energy. Energy class is determined according to the EER (energy efficiency ratio) and COP (coefficient of performance):

Class EER
(Energy Efficiency Ratio)
(Coefficient of Performance)
A over 3,2 over 3,6
B 3,0~3,2 3,4~3,6
C 2,8~3,0 3,2~3,4
D 2,6~2,8 3,0~3,2
E 2,4~2,6 2,8~3,0
F 2,2~2,4 2,6~2,8
G under 2,2 2,4~2,6

5. Noise Level

It is preferable to choose an air conditioner with a low noise level. Decibels differences seem relatively small between several models, but the noise values ​​increase exponentially.

6. Installation and warranty

It is recommended the purchase of air conditioners from authorized shops and their installation to be done by authorized companies, listed on the warranty or recommended by the manufacturer.

7. Maintenance

It is recommended periodic cleaning of the filters by washing or using a spray, depending on your air conditioner.

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