Hot Tron Costumes for Women

Any TRON fans out there? I loved the first movie, but the TRON Legacy was a new level of CGI, of character development and of sexiness, especially when it comes to the sexy TRON costumes of the women in the movie. 

These costumes are not official, and are designed by fans of the movie. This one is made of clear PVC and will amazingly glow in the dark after 10-60 minutes of light exposure. No battery needed.

The second costume has the same concept, but different design and different girl. Following the concept of the movie, I think that the white costume works better with a blonde girl.

If you plan to build your own TRON costume, you should know that you can build something really cool without the light. A grey duct tape is enough to amaze your friends. All you need is… imagination and a nice body. 

This following costume is actually for sale on Amazon, and it’s a replica of the one that was worn by Quorra in the movie.  

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