How much does the iPhone 7 really cost?


Folks at CNN did the math and they have revealed how much does the iPhone 7 128GB really cost. After the much awaited introduction, iPhone 7 will arrive in stores all over the world. The interest for this smartphone is huge, despite the hefty price. But how much is Apple’s margin on the new iPhone 7?

The official price of an iPhone 7 with 32 GB of internal storage is $649. But in reality, how much an iPhone 7 really cost? Folks at CNN did a calculation based on phone components and they’ve came out with a price that might surprise you.

According to CNN, the ‘factory’ price for an iPhone 7 is $292 for 128GB version, while the official price is $749! That is a $457 margin, which is more than half of its price.

Here’s how much Apple is paying for components in order to build the new iPhone 7:

iPhone 7 Screen Cost: $37
iPhone 7 Battery Cost: $4
iPhone 7 Cameras Cost: $26
iPhone 7 Logic board Cost: $74
iPhone 7 Speakers Cost: $11.50
iPhone 7 Casing Cost: $22
iPhone 7 Other parts Cost: $117.50
Total Cost: $292

This price estimation is based on data from and Chipworks

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