How to configure TP-Link MR3420 3G Router

TP-Link MR3420 3G Router

Let’s say that you bought a new TP-Link MR3420 3G Router and you have no idea how to make a new 3G connection work. First, you should unbox it, and connect the antennas. Then plug the charger in. Now, you should insert the 3G Dongle Stick in the rear of the mode, in the USB-like slot. Check to see if the 3G led is on in the TP-Link MR3420’s front pannel. If the 3G is ON, now you have to connect the router to PC via LAN cable.

Give it a few seconds so the PC can acquire a new IP. Use a common browser and connect to the following address:

Use user: admin, password: admin to connect to router’s dashboard. From here on, follow these steps to configure it:

  1. “Quick-Setup” > Next > Select 3G Only  > Next
  2. 3G > Set manual for dial number and APN > add your APN > Next
  3. Select Region and a security key for the WiFi network > Next
  4. Finish and Reboot

After this steps, it should reboot by itself. Give him few minutes to implement all the settings, then connect via WiFi. The Internet connection should be alive now via WiFi conneciton.

If it’s not working, enter Dashboard using admin-admin and make sure that the 3G stick is recognized. If not, unplug it and plug it in again.

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