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HTC One and iPhone 5 comparison [video]

Posted In Smartphones - By John Script On Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 With 0 Comments

HTC One and iPhone 5 comparison

PhoneArena created a detailed comparison between the best looking Android devices (HTC One) and Apple’s last champion (iPhone 5). Although these two smartphones are great in terms of design, they are different in everything else:

  • iPhone 5 is smaller and easier to hold in your hand
  • HTC One (4,7 inches) has a bigger screen with a better resolution (Full HD) and pixel density compared to the one on iPhone 5 (4 inches)
  • HTC One has a faster CPU (4 cores 1,7 Ghz vs 2 cores 1Ghz)
  • HTC runs on Android, iPhone runs on iOS. Both operating systems have pros and cons, but One’s Android is more interactive and the interface has more features.
  • iPhone 5 features one of the best smartphone camera that money can buy, HTC’s camera is pretty close but iPhone’s camera captures better images. Even so, HTC seems to provide better video recordings in nightlight conditions.
  • HTC sets a new industry bar in terms of audio speakers, because its new stereo system by Beats won hands down compared to iPhone’s mono and plain audio system.




Both devices areĀ  just fabulous, and if you need to make a choice, you should choose according to your needs. If you need a larger screen in order to see more or if you want a customizable OS, than HTC One is the better choice. If you want more mobility and stability, better camera and reliability (I might add) then you should go for iPhone 5. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be getting a great smarthone. Which one is your favorite?

via WhichCellular


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