iOS 7.1 is here: what’s new

Apple just announced a new update for their much acclaimed iOS 7. Their new update is called 7.1 and it will bring minor (but essential) changes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iOS 7.1

The new iOS brings good news for Apple users, since it has various changes related to the performances and the design of their operating system. This is actually the first major update since the launch of the iOS 7, and it solves many problems that were spotted by the users regarding stability and security, while providing an improved design.

The new update comes with support for CarPlay, which lets you access the contents of the phone in your car using the voice commands. The base for this service is the famous Siri that gives the drivers the opportunity to dictate messages or listen to certain songs without even touching their smartphone, everything through vocal commands.

With iOS 7.1, Apple made few design upgrades including the calling screen. But I will let you see them for yourself. Also, this update promises faster speeds for older devices like iPhone 4 and 4s. Just watch the following chart to see the actual improvements:

iOS 7.1 update

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