iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c drop test: are the new iPhones durable?

This is probably the biggest nightmare of every iPhone user. Several Youtube videos already surfaced on the Internet in which technology enthusiasts put the new Apple devices to the hardest physical test: dropping on the ground durability. Of course, no sane man will drop a brand new iPhone 5S or 5C on purpose, except if you are making a Youtube video about it and hoping to get some fame from that.

The folks at Android Authority have thrown iPhone 5S in all possible positions. The aluminum case of the iPhone 5s did its job, and aside from couple of scratches, it protected the display. But this is not new, since previous iPhones were also pretty resistant to drops (compared with other similar devices). The journalists from Android Authority were especially interested about the durability of iPhone 5c, which features a polycarbonate case. As expected, Apple did a great job with their new device, since the case is enforced on the interior and it will not break so easily. On a common drop, you can expect a few scratches (and that’s all!). If you do get an additional case for your 5c, the phone will take any drop test with no scratches!

Folks at TechRax were curious to see how the new iPhones are doing when they are slammed to the ground in several positions. Here’s what happened:

As expected, if the phone is dropped exactly on the front face, the display will break. In each other case, if there is the slightest angle between the iPhone and the ground, the case will hit the ground before the display, and it will protect it.

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