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iPhone 6 Air Specs and Features

Posted In Apple - By John Script On Thursday, January 9th, 2014 With 0 Comments

iPhone 6 Air

Since everyone is talking about the devices presented at CES 2014, I thought it would be nice to add a little Apple flavor on all the tech news that are flying all over the place. So, here are few pieces of rumors regarding the upcoming Apple device. First, the name. We are talking about the successor of iPhone 5 and 5s, so the if we are to follow the trend, we may think that the next Apple smartphone will be called iPhone 6. But according to SciNotions, we may see two version of it (or rather variations), and one of them (or both) may be called iPhone Air. This meets the same tactical decision to name the last Apple tablet as iPad Air.

iPhone 6 or iPhone Air will be thinner than all other Apple smartphones previously released. It could have a thickness of maximum 6mm. As expected, Apple will probably use a larger display (since everyone is following this trend). We may also expect a better camera (12MP at least) and a new design. iPhone Air will feature a new processor (probably a quad-core A8) and a new operating system.

Last year, Apple introduced the Touch ID, a fingerprint scanner that allows to user to unlock the device with a single push of Home button. There are voices that speak of a new design, one that will not have the home button placed on the front face. This may also change the way the users will unlock the device.

What’s your favorite iPhone Air feature?

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