iPhone 6 bends easily. So what?

iPhone 6 Plus Bend test

In the light of recent videos that surfaced all over the Internet, we learned that iPhone 6 bends easily with bare hands and worst than that, it bends easily in your pocket. Apple is probably worrying about now, and Android users are making a lot of jokes on this, saying that this is the most exciting feature of the new Apple smartphone.

Some of the users who just bought the new iPhone 6 Plus realized that they should pay extra attention with the way they handle the smartphone, because the device bends easily in the pocket. The problem lies in iPhone 6 aluminum case that deforms easily, although it should have been designed to be used for a long period of time. Many users reported that the smartphone got bent in their front pockets, without any uncommon physical pressure.

In the meantime, Youtube users started the malleability and endurance tests, bending their smartphones in various scenarios that mimic everyday usage of the smartphone. Most bending problems appeared in iPhone 6 Plus, as seen in the Youtube videos. Just to be fair, the guys from Unbox Therapy released a video testing the iPhone 6 Plus, but also the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung’s flagship device. Remarkably, it seems to resist better than the iPhone 6 Plus in the bending test.

Communities like Reddit and 9Gag have a lot of humor, and they’ve already created funny videos and images with this new iPhone 6 Plus “feature” that got everyone’s attention. Here’s my favorite: iPhone 6 RAZR – Intended only for single usage.

iPhone 6 Razr

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