iPhone 7 clone is here

iPhone 7 clone

Ever since the first iPhone models, there were manufacturers in China that offered ‘clones’ of Apple’s flagship at a low price. This has made the phrase “Made in China” be associated with a copy, a cheap imitation of great products.

However, a Chinese company managed to create a buzz on the market by cloning a smartphone that will be launched in three months! They took all the rumors that are flying on the Internet and they’ve combined them into an iPhone 7 clone that’s worth your attention.

As seen in the picture above, there are elements which were rumored to be featured on the upcoming iPhone 7 including a dual-camera system or lack of antenna lines on the back. So far, there were no official specs on this iPhone 7 clone, but you can enjoy the images.

On the back, at the bottom you can clearly see an element that betrays the origin of this clone: “Designed by Taiwan, Made in China”.

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