iPhone 7 could have no Home button


Although iPhone 6S was just launched, the Internet is already flooded with rumours and speculations regarding the next Apple smartphone. Considering past releases, we can expect an iPhone 7 with major improvements, perhaps a new design. Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffra’s analyst, is known for his prediction and leaks regarding unreleased Apple products. In a note to his investors, Munster says that the upcoming iPhone 7 will definitely feature a completely new design. According to him, the iPhone 7 could come without a home button. This way, there will be more space for the display. Also, it could feature a larger battery and maybe a sapphire display.

Given the number of past cycles, we can see a pattern here. The 6S was just an upgrade to iPhone 6, but the 3D touch feature may be a sign that Apple is ready to get rid of the famous button. The gained space will definitely be used for the display. If this scenario will happen, Munster believes that the Touch ID could be moved to one of the sides. Chances for this to happen are somewhere at 50%.

We could also see an improvement in battery life and maybe a sapphire display. Folks on the Internet have been talking about that for a while now.

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