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iPhone 7: rumors, specifications, speculations

Posted In Apple - By John Script On Friday, November 28th, 2014 With 0 Comments

iPhone 7 specifications

Judging by the sales, we can conclude that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were a real success for Apple, since the Cupertino based company is experiencing the highest incomes in the last 7 quarters. But, as you may guess, Apple is not taking a vacancy to celebrate their financial achievement. The US giant is already working on the next generation iPhones, which will probably be named iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The launch of these new devices is expected to happen next year, in September.

If you take a look at past iPhone releases, every smartphone that had the “S” letter in its name was a slightly upgraded version of the previous model. But what if the next models are not iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S? There are voices that say interesting things: the next Apple devices could be the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. They could skip the “S” versions in order to convince the customers to buy the newly devices.

iPhone 7 Camera

So, let’s see what iPhone 6S / 7 and iPhone 6S / 7 Plus could feature in terms of specifications and improvements. The following iPhone could finally have an upgraded main camera. Fans are waiting for this upgrade ever since iPhone 4S was released, and that’s a really long time. Many rumors state that the following iPhone could feature a camera with functions and performances comparable to current DSLR cameras. If the iPhone 7 rumors are true, the photo camera could feature an innovative dual-lens system that could revolutionize the market by imposing new standards.

It doesn’t matter if these iPhone 7 rumors are true or not, one thing is certain: Apple needs to upgrade that camera. The market demands it, the competition demands it, the customers demands it. Let’s not forget that Apple’s competitors are already releasing devices with 20MP camera. Current 8MP camera packed in iPhone 6 is so 2012.

iPhone 7 Wireless charging

This could be another feature that might be taken to the next level by Apple. Other smartphone manufacturers teased the technology in their devices, but no one made it accessible and easy to use. We know that Apple is not adding features to their devices just for the beauty of them being there. They work, and in most cases, they work exceptionally. This was the case with Touch ID, a feature that works flawlessly compared with Samsung’s fingerprint scanner (Samsung fans – don’t hate, that’s the truth!). So, if they do decide to add wireless charging to iPhone 7, I’m sure that it will blast the competition…

The Display

This year, there were many news about Apple and sapphire displays. iPhone 6 doesn’t feature a sapphire screen, but we could see it present in the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7. Customers are waiting for an “indestructible” display for a really long time, since this is the main cause of smartphones being put out of order.

The processor

The following iPhone will most likely feature the A9 processor. It will be faster, more battery efficient and lighter.

The design

iPhone 6 introduced the biggest change in terms of design. iPhone 6S / 7 will probably follow the same lines as its predecessor, with minor (if any) improvements.

What are the features you expect more in the following iPhone 7?


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