Is Apple preparing an iPhone with a larger display?

According to the Wall Street Journal, which is not especially known for its preposterous rumors, Apple is testing an iPhone that has a display of 4.8 inches and even one with a display of 5.7 inches. Does this means that Apple is entering the phablet market?

iPhone-6-concepts-by martin-hajek

Apple is currently testing devices resembling phablets, so we can expect them to hang their long trail of gadgets to the phablet train that’s currently lead by Samsung. Steve jobs had a vision for Apple: creating simple and top notch gadgets that can be used with one single hand. If these rumors are true, we are going to see the biggest move made so far in Apple’s camp. If they are going to build larger devices like 5’6 inch phablet, a lot of fans will be disappointed by this move.

But Apple has already derailed from the original course set by Jobs by creating the cheaper iPhone which will be launched in two days. That is why in 2014 they could launch a new device, an iPhone that’s certainly bigger, but not huge. Ming-Chi Kuo, a famous analyst, stated that the manufacturer will launch a mobile device with a screen size between 4.5 and 5 inches. Currently, the iPhone 5 features a 4-inch screen and there are slight chances that the following iPhone 5S to feature a bigger screen. I guess they could make this bold move starting with iPhone 6 or a variation of it.

The idea of Apple releasing an iPhone with a 5-inch display is plausible and very likely to happen. Although this format violates the famous principle that an iPhone can and should be used with one single hand, Apple can’t disregard the fact that users want bigger displays. So, is there a way of keeping their devices small and still integrate the larger display? I

According to the iPhone 6 concept above created by Martin Hajek, there is a possibility. Let’s think about this. Although the iPhone 5 has a display of 4-inch, the device measures 4.87 inches (123.8 mm) in height and 2.31 inches (58.6 mm) in width. So, the overall diagonal of the device is 5.39 inches. Of course, the display has to be smaller in order to integrate the speaker and the home button on the same surface. But what if the home button was completely gone and the speaker will be integrated somewhere on top (or they will find a way to remove it completely from the main surface)? There were a lot of rumors to support this theory indicating that the “Home” button will be removed from future iPhone designs. Then, Apple’s designers could implement a display of 5.39 inches while keeping the same dimensions on the device. Of course, this is only on paper and there is no physical evidence to support my theory, but I just wanted to show you that it’s possible.

Apple has started to change its initial vision in order to comply with the necessities of the customers. There is no doubt that they will make bold moves in the future, some regarding the price of their gadgets, some regarding its sizes. Considering their past strategy on product release, we will not see a larger iPhone presented on September 10th, 2013 but rather the same iPhone 5 with minor improvements. But in 2014 we might witness the biggest deviation from Steve Jobs original vision. What’s your take on the subject? Are you waiting for a bigger iPhone? Why?

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