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Jailbreak on iOS 6 hits 7 million in 6 days

Posted In Smartphones - By John Script On Saturday, February 16th, 2013 With 0 Comments

Yes, it’s not a joke. 7 million people all over the world decided to push their iOS 6 devices one step further, installing the long awaited Jailbreak from evaders. Although the number may seem impressive, you should know that there are over 300 million iOS6 devices in the world, so it means that only 2.33% of iOS6 users decided to test the new Jailbreak. A good explanation for this big number is the anticipation created around the release.

As iOS evolves, it’s harder to develop a working Jailbreak for it, because all the security holes are closed by the Apple coders. Even so, the evaders team finally cracked it and it works just fine. Even though the 2.33% could be a small percentage, let’s not forget that only few days passed since the release, and that percentage could very well go up to 10% (the historically Jailbreak share of 2011).

Watching this older interview with Jay Freeman, I understand that Jailbreaking your iPhone is more about customization rather than installing illegal content. I guess everything was born as a normal reaction to the limitations that Apple always set around their operating system. Although for a normal user the iOS 6 is everything needed, the geeks will always pose “How can I…” or “Is it possible to…” questions. That’s why Android is so praised these days, because it’s highly customizable.

The numbers don’t lie

Let’s get back to the numbers. If the percentage of Jailbroken devices goes up to 10% of total iOS 6 devices, what does it mean for Apple? A recent poll by OnDevice showed that iOS 6 users still love more the iOS 5, even though the new operating system has so many new features that were not available in the previous version. The numbers represent a clear statement that the users are becoming more mature and they are ready to go one step further into making their device more personal and unique. As I said in a previous post, Apple started to change the way they release the products, and it’s only natural to change the way their iOS can be customized.

Why people Jailbreak their devices

It’s not that hard to gather all the reasons why folks Jb their iPhones and iPads. Most of them like to be in control, to be able to browse through Files, to have a control panel with the most important functions of the phone, to change the way the iOS main screen and home screen looks and reacts to their fingers. I’ll admit, there are some users that will only JB their device in order to get some free apps. But if I were to make a poll with my friends, most of them will say that they have Jailbroken their iPhone just to break those limitations. I guesst they need, just like everyone else, to be able to set a ringtone without iTunes, to set a default browser of their own choosing, to upload a song into music playlist without a computer, to change the color temperature of the screen, to be able to change the APN on every cellular network, to add more apps to a folder, to kill background apps with one click, to enable or disable the data connection in 3 seconds. Is that too much to ask? Until Apple gets the answer to that question right, the number of people wanting to Jailbreak their devices can only go up.  What are your own reasons to Jailbreak your iPhone?

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