Choose the best eReder: Kindle Paperwhite or Kobo Glo

Things have changed since the last time I wrote about eBook readers. Right now, the world of eReaders is dominated by Kobo and Amazon. Their best models are called Glo and Paperwhite, they have similar characteristics and a similar listing price: $119 – $139.

I’m going to present a short comparison between these two eReaders. You will see that Paperwhite is mostly for Amazon customers, and Glo is for new or experienced users. Let’s start by viewing the following video:

See prices and more specs for Kindle Paperwhite 

Both eReaders have an E-Ink Pearl HD Display with a resolution of 1024×760 and 6” diagonal. Because they use different suppliers, the panel are different, and I think that Paperwhit has better screen. It seems that Kobo Glo has a bluish tint that will get annoying after few hours of use.
The performances of these two eBook Readers are almost the same. Kindle Paperwhite is slightly better, bot not as much to bring a real advantage. It’s up to you to choose the one that you like more.

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