Konect Tokyo USB Futuristic Concept Watch

When you see this gadget you’ll know it has a cool futuristic vibe. Tokyo USB Concept Watch comes with amazing features like skype, MP, Bluetooth and memory space for storing data or music of your choice.

The idea started from the fact that the designer used to lose his USB key all the time. So it was inevitable: let’s combine an USB key and a watch. The result is a futuristic design just like the ones found in Sci-Fi movie.

Listen to your favorite songs on bluetooth headphones. The headphones have the same futuritic design as the Konect Tokyo USB, and features blue ligths and features a cool shape.

The watch features various buttons and indicators: lights for hours an minutes, buttons for volume, mp3 player.

Although the watch can’t be found in stores yet, it’s obvious that this one is the perfect choice for jogging. Of course, the term “perfect” has different meanings for each person. This is the the most important aspect you need to consider when choosing a watch: establish the purpose of the watch. An alternative to this watch is a mechanical watch. You will find pre owned watches for sale that are not expensive and are considered elegant watches that will last for ages.

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