Leaf: the mouse with no battery [concept]

If you have a wireless mouse and if you use it heavily you know that its battery must be recharged every couple of weeks. In this regard, Lu Hairong and Zhang Xuehui have developed a very interesting concept mouse, both in terms of design as well as technology: the Leaf Wireless Mouse.

leaf the mouse with no battery

The two designers imagined a self-sustainable mouse that works without batteries, that is environmental and waste safe. Leaf is equipped with a self-powered mechanism that converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. In other words, as long as you use the mouse by moving it on the mouse pad, it will re-charge, so there is no need to replace or recharge its battery. Ever.

leaf the mouse with no battery 3

According to the concept, the technology used to power Leaf is called Self-Power, and the mouse is elegant, reliable and slim.

leaf the mouse with no battery 2

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