Mozilla Firefox 54 faster than ever due to process separation

Mozilla Firefox 54 faster than ever due to process separation

Mozilla makes a step forward with the Electrolysis/Multiple content processes project. It’s a goal to separate tab and extensions processes to speed up page loading. Developed for several months, this technology has finally reached a level of maturity that can be implemented with the arrival of Firefox 54 for desktop systems.

Previous versions of Firefox used a single process to run all the tabs in a single instance, using too many hardware resources. To streamline this type of operation and align Firefox with the competition, E10s or Electrolysis was made available to everyone (first, it had to be manually enabled by the card about: config), greatly increasing the page load speed by dividing the load of Browser work between four distinct processes.

Mozilla Firefox 54 faster than ever due to process separation

Mozilla made a statement about it, saying that Firefox uses up to four processes to run the content of a web page on all open tabs. This means that a heavy and complex web page loaded on a board has a significantly lower impact on the upload speed. They tried to optimize the hardware so that Firefox can reduce the waiting time, especially in the presence of low memory PCs, providing the right balance between speed and usage of memory.

Mozilla conducted some tests to compare Firefox 54’s RAM memory with other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome on Windows, Safari and Chrome on Mac and Chrome on Ubuntu. The result shown by the company has highlighted a significantly lower memory consumption than the competition.

Finally, let’s talk about Firefox for Android. In addition to implementing the same novelties on separate process management, the new version adds two new languages, improves right-to-left text formatting for text, corrects security-related bugs, improves bookmark synchronization and audio and video playback from browsers.

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