Which older phones are better than the iPhone 8?

Do you want to buy a smartphone that has features comparable with the new iPhone 8? What if you could buy a smartphone that’s even better than iPhone 8 in terms of features and/or speed? Consumer Reports has published the list of old best phones that are actually better than iPhone 8. Here’s what you can buy right now.

Experts at Consumer Reports compared the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models with older phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8. As far as the performance of these phones is concerned, the top of the list is the following:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 (81 out of 100)
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (81 points)
  3. Samsung Galaxy S7 (80 points)
  4. Apple iPhone 8 (80 points)
  5. Apple iPhone 8 Plus (80 points)
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The report comes after the specialized press has already written that Apple fans seem to be less excited about the new devices launched by the company. Considering that the Galaxy S7 can be found at half the price of iPhone 8, I think that it’s a fair purchase, right?

The old iPhone 7 is selling much better than the new versions, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The price for the last year model is much lower and the specifications are similar.

We should see if the upcoming iPhone X will change the game, but at this very moment things are not looking too good for Apple.

image source: igalaxys7.com

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