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OUYA – The First Android console

Posted In Video Games - By John Script On Monday, February 25th, 2013 With 0 Comments

OUYA Gaming Console

OUYA is the first console that will run Android 4.0 to be released around June 2013 at a price of only $99. This console is the definitive statement that dreams come true, because it was first presented in July 2012 by the well known platform, Kickstarter, and one year later it will be available in stores.

The Ouya Project was an instant success on KickStarter! In the first 24 hours, the project has raised over 2.6 million dollars, already reaching the final goal of $950,000 and making a new record on Kickstarter. By the end of the campaign, the revolutionary console raised approximately 8.6 million dollars surpassing all expectations! It is indeed a revolutionary product and everyone is hoping to get their hands on it.

Julie Uhrman, the founder of OUYA, argues that the console market is shrinking and that this kind of console was needed.

You can pre-order OUYA here.


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