Panasonic introduces two new interactive LCD displays

Panasonic just announced that the company is ready to release two new LCD displays with integrated touchscreen. We are talking about TH-75BQE1 (75″) and TH-65BFE1 (65″). Both use VA type LCD panels with Direct LED backlight. As you can imagine, the difference between these two products are the size and resolution. The 65″ one is a Full HD while the 75″ panel brings Ultra HD (4K) rezolution. The brightness of these two LCD displays is identical: 400 cd / m2 – nits. The displays can recognize up to ten simultaneous touches and they are compatible with software that manages electronic whiteboard functions.

PC connections can be made via HDMI, VGA or USB port. The latter can also be used to view files stored on memory and hard disks. Using a pen, the user can make on screen annotations and use tools such as magnifying glass, spotlight, and fade.

Florence Antony, Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic, said that they are trying to promote this range of interactive displays that are even more affordable and convenient. With the new interactive whiteboards, they are aiming to provide companies and schools with extremely powerful technology for collaborative learning and meetings. For example, through the Whiteboard mode, two or more people can write simultaneously and work on files in groups before proceeding to final editing and saving.

TH-75BQE1 and TH-65BFE1 will be available starting this summer.

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